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5 Prenatal Nutrition Myths Every Paleo Mom Should Know About

If you’ve done any reading about pregnancy nutrition, chances are you’ve read a lot of prenatal nutrition myths.

That’s right.

Some of the most common “nutritionisms” given to pregnant women are not backed by solid science (or even semi-solid science).

When I was invited to speak at the Paelo f(x) conference this year, I knew I’d be speaking about prenatal nutrition myths.

I focused my talk on The Carbohydrate & Pregnancy Controversy, but that’s just one of many topics I could have chosen.

To address some remaining controversial topics about prenatal nutrition, I recently wrote a guest post for the Paleo f(x) blog entitled “Why (Almost) Everything You Were Taught About Prenatal Nutrition is Wrong.

If you’re pregnant and embrace a real food way of eating (whether that means paleo, primal, low-carb, or something else), prenatal nutrition can get downright confusing and contradictory.

In this post, I cover 5 prenatal nutrition myths every paleo mom should know about, specifically:

Myth #1: You Can’t Eat Fish
Myth #2: You Can Get All of your Omega-3s from Plants
Myth #3: Liver is Dangerous in Pregnancy
Myth #4: Don’t Eat Too Much Fat
Myth #5: Pregnant Women Need to Eat More Carbohydrates

And, of course, I provide the peer-reviewed evidence to back up my case.

Head on over to the Paleo f(x) website to get the full scoop.

Until next week,

PS – Dig this sort of research-y reading on prenatal nutrition? My book, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes, is full of it.

PPS – Myth #5 is a topic I have particular expertise in. If you missed my presentation on The Carbohydrate & Pregnancy Controversy, and have questions about carbohydrate needs during pregnancy, the safety of ketosis, and what we can learn from ancestral prenatal diets, you can watch it here.

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Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition and exercise. Her work is known for being research-focused, thorough, and unapologetically critical of outdated dietary guidelines. She is the author of two bestselling books, Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes.

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