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Black Friday Deals 2023


Comprehensive prenatal vitamin, men’s multivitamin, fish oil and more. Dietitian-formulated and extremely stringent quality control. Get 10% off with code LILY10.

Seeking Health

Prenatal vitamins in multiple options; comprehensive, essentials, chewable, protein power. They also offer a range of supplements, including single nutrients (magnesium glycinate, folate, B12, etc.) and synergistic nutrient combos (like vitamin D/K2). Physician formulated, rigorously tested. 

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Valid from 11/23-11/28


Access to practitioner grade supplements. See my recommendations for a variety of categories of supplements, such as collagen, desiccated liver, magnesium, etc. Reliable, fast shipping, excellent pricing (often below retail via my link).

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 20% off all supplements!
Valid from 11/24-11/28

Wild Pastures Grass-Fed Meats

Meat from 100% pasture-raised family farmers in the USA using rotational grazing practices on pastures free from pesticides and herbicides. Extremely competitive pricing! My link gets you 20% off and free shipping for the life of your subscription, plus $15 off your first box.

LMNT Electrolytes

You all know I’m a big fan of LMNT electrolytes. They just released a seasonal (limited time) Chocolate Medley. Each Chocolate Medley 30 count box includes 10 Chocolate Raspberry (new), 10 Chocolate Chai (new), and 10 Chocolate Mint (back again).

If you’re thinking chocolate electrolytes sound weird, it’s because you haven’t tried them HOT — that’s right, make these like a mug of hot cocoa! I personally like to add 1 packet to a mug of hot water and add a splash of cream. Yum!

Use my link to get a free sampler pack of all of LMNT’s other flavors when you make a purchase.

(Might I suggest the Insider Bundle, which gets you 4 boxes for the price of 3. 

My other favorite flavors are Grapefruit and Watermelon.) As always, LMNT offers no-questions-asked refunds on all orders just in case you don’t love it.

RAYVI Electrolytes

High-potassium electrolytes in a base of coconut water powder. Gourmet flavors.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 3 bags for $80 + free shipping!
Valid from 11/19-11/27


Try their grass-fed beef sticks and dessicated organ meat supplement. Get 20% off subscriptions for life and/or 15% off a one-time order.

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: up to 35% off products + mystery gift!
Valid from 11/24-12/1


A massage/acupressure mat that’s perfect for relieving pain/tension, particularly for postpartum mothers.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Save up to 30% off on sets!
Valid through 11/30

Be Well By Kelly Protein Powder

Clean grass-fed beef protein, great for pregnancy and breastfeeding if you struggle to eat enough protein (23-24g complete protein per serving). 

Unflavored is neutral; vanilla and cocoa flavors are sweetened with only monk fruit. Great addition to smoothies & baked goods.
$5 off with code LILY (can be combined with other discounts)

Levels Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

To try out a CGM yourself (in the US), you either need a prescription or you need to go through a service, such as Levels. The Levels app also makes it much easier for the average consumer to interpret blood sugar responses to food.

Yoto Player

A screen-free way for your kids to enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, kid radio stations, and even your own recordings of reading them stories. Great for the car! 10% off accessories and cards.

Butcher Box

Grass-fed/pasture-raised beef, pork, and chicken and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, delivered right to your doorstep.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Get free steaks for a year when you sign up for a new subscription (new members only)! Choose between 2 ribeyes ($384 value), 2 filet mignon ($336 value), or 2 NY strips ($384 value) + $100 off ($20 off your first 5 boxes)
Valid from 11/27-11/30


US Wellness Meats

If you don’t have a good source of organ meats locally, US Wellness Meats offers grass-fed/pasture-raised organs as well as liverwurst and braunschweiger (sausages made with liver/organs, no icky additives).

Redmond Real Salt

Sea salt with naturally-occurring trace minerals. Try their spice blends, smoked salt, electrolytes, and more. Use code LILY for 15% off. Applies to ALL orders, not just first time orders.

Eyla Cuenca's Birth Masterclass

An 8-class immersion into birth & labor prep, breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum healing and so much more. (It blows hospital birth classes and other basic birth prep courses out of the water.)

Serenity Kids

Convenient baby/toddler food for on-the-go. They have savory pouches with grass-fed meats & vegetables as well as grain-free puffs. Save on your first order (no code needed).

FOND broth

Bone broth made from grass-fed beef or pasture-raised chicken with AMAZING flavor. Shelf stable and packaged in glass jars. If you don’t love making your own broth, stock up on these. Great for the nausea phase, during labor, and for postpartum recovery. 

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Get a free 4-pack when you order 3 packs with code: GET1FREE
OR save 25% on your subscription with code: GET25
Valid from 11/24-11/27

Giving Tuesday: Take 20% off any purchase with code GIVE20 – valid for 11/28 only

Carnivore Crisps

It’s not jerky, it’s chips made from only grass-fed meat & Redmond’s real salt. Try their liver or heart chips, too! 

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Valid from 11/24-11/27


All purpose seasoning with desiccated organ meat (can’t even taste it).

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Valid from 11/20-11/24

Pique Tea

High quality tea that comes in individual serve pouches of tea extract granules (think of it like instant coffee, just for tea). Rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, toxic mold, and radiation. Since their tea doesn’t require steeping, it’s great for travel or camping.

Fave flavors: Earl Grey, Peach Ginger Black Tea, Rooibos, White Peony, and Matcha.

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Save $90-$300 off on Pique swag (eye mask, totes, cold cup, etc).
Valid from 11/23-11/27

Araza Makeup

Non-toxic makeup made with the cleanest of ingredients. Try their foundation or their mango cream pot (doubles as cream blush or lip color). 

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Use the following sale codes for extra savings!
15% off all orders, any dollar amount, use code
20% off any order over $150, use code BFCM20
25% off any order over $250, use code BFCM25
Valid from 11/23-11/27


Toothpaste that uses calcium hydroxyapatite (non-toxic fluoride alternative). Kid and adult flavors. 

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Valid 11/22-11/27

Bon Charge

Blue light blocking glasses, red light, and other tools to support healthy circadian rhythms.  

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Valid from 11/24-11/27

Tallow Skin Co.

Discover all-natural, non-toxic skincare. Their products are made with grass-fed tallow and herbal ingredients. Custom formulations help balance your skin’s microbiome and promote a healthy complexion. 

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Get 30% sitewide!
Valid until 11/30

Real Food for Pregnancy CEUs

Did you know?
If you are a Registered Dietitian you can earn 35 CEUs from RFFP!

This is the easiest way to earn CEUs. You simply read the book, take an online post test, and voila, your CEU certificate is automatically issued. No printing or mailing of paperwork. It’s 100% online.

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Use code SAVE2023 at checkout to save $45. That brings the cost down to about $6.58 per credit, which is about as inexpensive as you can get with CEUs.
Valid from 11/24-12/1