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Postpartum Recovery is Not Linear

Postpartum Recovery is NOT Linear

Postpartum recovery is not linear. As much as we want it to be, it doesn’t always work that way! As I live through my second postpartum recovery, I’m finding myself comparing the experience to my first. What’s different, what’s the same?  How has my level … continue reading

First Ever Study on a Paleo Diet in Pregnancy

Paleo Diet in Pregnancy

One of my go-to hobbies when I have a few minutes is to browse the new research on prenatal nutrition. As I’ve said many times before, this field of study is constantly evolving, so in order to bring you the most up-to-date information on eating … continue reading

Low Carb Korean Beef Bowls

Low Carb Korean Beef Bowls

I’m a sucker for Asian food, especially Korean BBQ. I grew up in an area with a large Korean population and had a number of Korean friends over the years, so I have plenty of fond memories surrounding this cuisine. It’s been ages since I’ve … continue reading

Embracing Your Body & Mindful Eating in Pregnancy

Embracing Your Body & Mindful Eating in Pregnancy

As I navigate my second pregnancy, I’m receiving a lot of questions and expectations from other people. I get the feeling that people expect me to model a “perfect pregnancy” or a “perfect prenatal diet,” but let me quickly burst this bubble for you. I’m … continue reading

Choline in Pregnancy: Folate’s Long Lost Cousin

Choline in Pregnancy Folate's Long Lost Cousin

There are a lot of nutrients that (rightfully) get extra attention in pregnancy, like iron and folate, but what about the nutrients that don’t get their time in the spotlight? The ones that are not discussed at the doctor’s office, not mentioned in that flimsy … continue reading