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Melatonin & Sleep Quality in Pregnancy

Melatonin and sleep quality in pregnancy

How are you feeling today? Well-rested? Totally fatigued? Somewhere in between?  There’s nothing better than a great night’s sleep, but the construct of our modern society doesn’t necessarily set us up for success in the sleep department. Between busy schedules, screen time, spending most of … continue reading

CGM Experiment Part 2

CGM Experiment Part 2

I used to eat oatmeal every single morning. For years. Steel cut oats, soaked overnight (to reduce phytic acid levels and improve digestibility and mineral absorption), with butter or cream, nuts/nut butter, sometimes an egg cracked in, and usually berries to “sweeten” (who was I … continue reading

Vitamin D & Pregnancy

vitamin D and pregnancy

Vitamin D and Pregnancy: Why it matters, why deficiency is common, and how to ensure you’re getting enough Many people are familiar with the role of vitamin D in bone health, but the function of this nutrient extends far beyond this. During pregnancy, vitamin D … continue reading