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Movement Matters Retreat Recap with Katy Bowman

Movement Matters Retreat Recap with Katy Bowman

I spent this past weekend at Katy Bowman’s Movement Matters Retreat in the lush Olympic Peninsula of Washington state (an area I’m lucky to currently reside in), soaking up as much insight as I could from her. Like thousands of others, Katy’s work has had … continue reading

Postpartum Exercise and Recovery

When it comes to health, few topics are more controversial than pregnancy. But one thing we can all agree upon is this: the way you treat your body before and during pregnancy has a huge impact on the health of your baby. It’s a time … continue reading

Pregnancy Exercise Myths

pregnancy exercise myths

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ll know how much I get frustrated by incorrect nutrition advice, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Well, the same goes for exercise. Few healthcare providers are up-to-speed about the research behind exercise during pregnancy. Those … continue reading

What To Eat Before Pilates

What to Eat Before Pilates

Ever walk into Pilates class and wonder if you ate the right thing before your session, or worry that maybe you didn’t eat enough? I’m asked about pre-workout meals and snacks so often that I had to write a post about it. First of all, … continue reading

If Your Body Could Talk

how to choose healthy habits that don't feel like punishment

I’ve tried the whole green juice thing. I’ve bought the fancy $10 drinks. I’ve made it myself. Heck, I even helped a juice company design a series of juices with various nutritional benefits (including, of course, an obligatory green juice). But the truth is, I … continue reading