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Questioning Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

As a prenatal dietitian and diabetes educator, I am asked a lot of questions about exercise during pregnancy. Is it safe? I’m afraid. Will it hurt my baby? Won’t it increase my risk of miscarriage? What CAN I do? What CAN’T I do?   I’ve … continue reading

Pilates for Rock Climbing

I went on a fun rock climbing trip this weekend. Even though I’m relatively new to formal climbing, I’ve enjoyed climbing my whole life and my years of practicing Pilates have made it a relatively easy hobby to pick up. (What kid doesn’t love climbing … continue reading

Small Changes, Big Impact

It’s the little things that count, like taking the stairs or taking the elevator. Sometimes finding the time to exercise can be a challenge, but fitting it into your day can save you time later on and improve your productivity at work. A recent study looked … continue reading

Pilates Helps Blood Sugar Control

If you think Pilates is only helpful for toning your muscles, think again. New research from the Journal  of Strength and Conditioning Research (published Feb 2012) is supporting the role of resistance training in improving blood sugar control. The study tracked insulin levels and glucose … continue reading

Is Pilates Safe During Pregnancy?


Short answer: Yes! Many pregnant women wonder: Is Pilates safe during pregnancy? This article will review why Pilates is great during pregnancy. Pilates focuses on posture, core strength, stability, balance, breath, and body awareness – all important parts of feeling comfortable and confident in your … continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions Done Right

How many times have you set New Year’s Resolutions that you have not followed through on? I bet more than once. It’s great to be proactive and to set goals, but too often we set unattainable goals. A goal too drastic will not last (think … continue reading

Don’t Hold Your Breath

[/caption] In our fast paced world, many of us take the simple act of breathing for granted. We assume that since it is an involuntary movement (our body will naturally do it to keep us alive), there is no need to think about it. However, … continue reading

Making Time for Pilates – Excuses, Excuses!

Excuses, excuses! I hear them all the time in my practice whether it is nutrition counseling or training Pilates clients. “I guess I could sit up tall instead of slouching when I drive or sit at my desk, but I’m so preoccupied with work, that … continue reading