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I stumbled upon Lily Nichols listening to a podcast a little over a year ago right when I became pregnant. Coincidence? Fate I think… I had been following a low carb diet for 6 months and was fully vested in providing proper nutrition to my baby and myself so I decided to hire Lily as a prenatal coach.

Not only is she full of knowledge as a dietitian that specializes in prenatal nutrition, but she has a lovely relatable personality and also a baby herself. She worked to help me develop proper nutrient stores through real food and select supplements for the best health during pregnancy.

She’s inspired my active interest in prenatal nutrition. There is a strong need for her services in this world since doctors aren’t trained in traditional nutrition and a lot of what advise you is false. Beware!

Lily helped nurture my perfect little one who is healthy and breastfeeding like a champion! I only wish I had her through my entire pregnancy. She was my prenatal mom. Thank you, Lily!

Christie Pienaar, Senior director, Group Sales at Preferred Hotels and Resorts, San Diego, CA

Long-term digestive issues including bloating, heartburn, and gas were my main motivations to work with Lily and get tested for food sensitivities. I also had brain fog, malaise, fatigue, lethargy, and difficulty making decisions, which I suspected were also related to my diet. Did I mention bloating?! It was not normal – I felt and looked like I swallowed a watermelon. I also felt achy, thick, puffy, and was beginning to gain a lot of weight. I had been on an elimination diet before, but I never had a clear idea of what I was truly reacting to. I didn’t want to go back to an overly restrictive diet. I wanted a more personalized approach.

Within the first week on Lily’s plan, I felt better in a general way – more energy, less puffy, was sleeping better and waking up feeling more refreshed. Then I actually began to lose weight and by the end of 6 weeks, I had lost almost 10 lbs. I now digest my food better, I’m not constantly bloated, and can think clearly again. It’s been a total 180.

It was a commitment, both personally and financially, but I’m proud of myself for taking care of me. I took the time to prepare my food, create new recipes, and followed the food plan exactly. I did not take even one bite of food that was not on my list of “allowed” foods. A little extra effort goes a long way and now that my list of “safe” foods has expanded, I have a pretty large selection of yummy things to choose from.

If you’re thinking about working with Lily, know that her caring and easy going manner helps make it a bit easier to navigate the sometimes uncomfortable topics associated with digestive issues. She’s easy to talk to, a good listener, quickly follows up to emails, and her website/scheduling is all very efficient. Her combination of clinical skills – knowledge on food chemistry and science, practical recommendations on products and recipes, food combining suggestions – and years of experience helped sort out exactly what my problems were and really tied it all together to find solutions.

In short, Lily is an expert in her field with the experience to solve the problems for those of us navigating the mysterious world of digestive issues.

– Abby Diamond, Massage Therapist, Tujunga, CA

Hope-LaVelleAfter two months with Lily, my skin has miraculously cleared and my complexion is amazing. I feel like a completely new person with total control of my life and well-being.

My biggest issue was my face. My skin was always horribly broken out in acne and cysts around my mouth that were both painful and ugly. But on top of that I would feel sluggish all day, bloated all the time, and literally have to take naps after eating because I would just get so bogged down and tired.

Now I feel full of energy and I no longer have to nap during the day. I still feel cravings for old foods every once in a while, but thanks to Lily we have come up with healthy and creative substitutes that are actually satisfying.

Not only did Lily help me with what was going into my body, but she even offered advice with what I was putting ON my body. Lily helped me realize that all the products and countless medicated ointments were doing more harm than good. This helped my face heal 10 fold in addition to uncovering my hidden food sensitivities and avoiding those foods.

All of this has made my skin look and feel like the stars on the silver screen! I honestly, seriously, NEVER thought it could be possible. I thought I was cursed for life, but now with my new-found skin, I feel like I can take on the world.


Now when I see adults with similar acne cases like mine I have the urge to run up to them and tell them it will be alright as I hand them Lily’s info! And even to my friends who have other dietary issues. I know Lily has such a wide range of knowledge, and it blows me away when she can just recite so much information about random questions and thoughts I have.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends, family, or even complete strangers. I knew instantly that she was going to be someone I could easily talk to on a personal level. She is so genuine over the phone, and full of insight and knowledge on the how’s and why’s of my problem. It was the final push I needed to finally fix my skin and dietary problems.

– Hope LaVelle, Stunt Performer, Los Angeles, CA

Joanna BassoBefore starting LEAP/MRT, I was feeling depressed due to chronic diarrhea and body aches. I was anxious to find out what sensitivities I had to foods from the MRT test. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and microscopic colitis a few years ago and did great on a gluten free diet, but something changed 6 months ago and I started having diarrhea multiple times a day. I tried a special diet cooking all my own food at home for months and still didn’t get much better. It was debilitating – I didn’t even have energy to go to yoga. My gastroenterologist told me to just take Immodium, but I knew it had something to do with what I was eating.

Within a few days on my LEAP diet, my energy levels were up, the diarrhea symptoms were almost gone, and so were my body aches. I knew I was finally on the road to recovery. Lily has been a pleasure to work with. She was very professional, and easy to talk with and understand. I always felt comfortable talking to Lily. She gave me excellent advice and helped guide me in getting better from my symptoms. After a month of eating this way, I feel like I have my life back.

I would recommend Lily because through my own experience she is very well educated, especially when it comes to digestive issues. I liked the fact that we were able to discuss and solve problems over the phone in the convenience of my home. If you are ready and willing to get better, Lily will be there 100% to guide you through the process.

– Joanna Basso, Retired, Torrance, CA

My initial reason to reach out to Lily was for help on a low carb diet, blood sugar balance, and fertility. After a successful run at a ketogenic diet, I lost weight and improved my PCOS symptoms, but then mysteriously stalled and could not really figure out the balance. I also have type 1 diabetes and though my blood sugar was improved on keto, it was still too high. Lily helped me to figure out bolusing for proteins which greatly improved my blood sugars and gave me confidence to keep going with a low carb lifestyle.

After experiencing a miscarriage of a surprise pregnancy, it was helpful to have Lily’s positive and supportive outlook. She empowered me to keep pushing through in a way that other health professionals have not. I would absolutely recommend Lily’s services. She is very knowledgeable and is aware of current studies on various topics but is not rigid and stuffy about it. It’s like talking to a friend who is really smart and well studied.

My only hesitation on working with Lily was that it was not covered by my insurance, but given that other CDEs were inexperienced with a low carb diet and her expertise in fertility, I knew I needed to work with her. I can confidently say it was worth every penny!

– Sara Clark, Medical Coder/ Documentation Specialist, Fairfax, VA

daniel.winemanMy ulcerative colitis and chronic pouchitis symptoms have gone way down and I feel better than I have in years. In two months of working together on the Heal Your Unhappy Tummy program, I lost 20 pounds easily, by eating what’s right for my body without having to limit it.

Before working with Lily, I would feel worn down, tired, low energy and would need to go to the bathroom many times a day. It was very uncomfortable. Now I don’t go to the bathroom as much and I don’t have those crashing drops in sugar or energy. I’m eating much better and I’m feeling more consistent.

I would definitely recommend working with Lily if you suspect you have food sensitivities.
And if you want to be healthier, feel better, and lose weight easily.

 – Daniel Wineman, Los Angeles, CA

Julie GreenIt’s been really useful to work with someone who’s not only incredibly intelligent, but has a holistic understanding of the body and each individual’s needs. She’s fun, down to earth and I love her personality. Lily’s an absolute pleasure to work with and she’s a bright, caring soul who’ll guide you through the healing process with wisdom and a smile.

Lily is a magician in that she teaches you how to respect and listen your body without shoving it in your face the moment you begin. I think she has the greatest love and understanding in the journey she takes with her clients and I appreciate her guidance immensely.

I feel much more like a master of my body – or I at least know I am on the journey there. I realize now that I was getting inflamed from foods and I had no idea what was doing it.

Before this, I would feel bloated, inflamed, and stressed out by my body and my life. I had headaches, sore eyes, stuffy nose, dizziness, lethargy, and poor concentration among other things. I didn’t even have energy to exercise anymore. It was as if my body was agonizing every day.

My symptoms have now been reduced dramatically and it’s not controlling and negatively impacting my life like it used to. I have a much deeper understanding of what my body is telling me, what foods are right for me, and a greater respect for what it’s going through. I’m certainly taking care of ME much better than ever.

I don’t crave sugar. REAL healthy eating is more natural now. My moods, while I am stressed, have also been easier to handle.

I would absolutely recommend Lily to anyone who needs a bit of guidance about real foods, understanding their body’s needs, food sensitivities, or weight loss, even if they have just a sneaking suspicion that food might be causing their health issues.

It was an exceptional experience. With the ease of creating appointments, to reminders, to food diaries, and skype sessions. I really have only praise. It’s been a pleasure. I really am in awe of the experience you’ve created for me (and your other clients).

– Julie Green, Marketing Assistant, Sydney, NSW Australia

Lily somehow always has a well-researched, insightful answer to even my most bizarre nutrition questions. After speaking with her, I realized one of my problems was low vitamin D and low collagen. I’ve been using both along with bone broth and my own results have been amazing! I feel so much better, have been able to feel focused and my wrinkles are fading (I really needed that collagen!)

If you’re on the fence about working with her, I highly recommend just jumping in. She’s intelligent, knowledgeable and very good at what she does.

Also, I can’t stop checking myself out. Just so you know. Your fault, Lily. (thank you)

– Erin-Ashley Kerti, Oregon

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for over 20 years now and have had 2 major sinus surgeries. I would also feel severely bloated after eating some meals and not sure why. I would feel like my stomach had a balloon in it and it was being pumped up. It was extremely uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The bloating most times would be so uncomfortable that I would have to unbutton my pants. This would occur sometimes after eating a small healthy salad so I was very confused why I felt so bloated.

Since I started working with you, I have noticed a tremendous difference in the stomach bloat. I just don’t get it anymore. Even after a large meal, I may feel full but not the painful bloating. I also noticed my sinuses feel much better. I can actually breathe through my nose just like after the surgeries. My sinuses seemed to just open up.

Oh, and as a side benefit, I lost 20 pounds, have more energy, and less food cravings.

Your guidance in vitamins and supplements has been very beneficial too. I know what to look for on labels including what ingredients could cause me problems. I was very surprised that the toothpaste I was using had ingredients I reacted to. I never would have thought that toiletries could have a negative impact on my health.

I was hesitant to work with you due the cost. I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money without knowing the end results. But, now I look at it as an investment in education.
I now have the knowledge of what some of the main causes of my issues were and it’s something I will use for the rest of my life. This experience has given me a health skill that I will be able to utilize everyday for the rest of my life.

I have already recommended you to several people, including family, coworkers, and friends with very similar tummy issues.

– Chuck Bloom, Software Engineer/Web Developer, Virginia Beach, VA

Ok seriously I keep seeing the benefits and necessity of fermented foods in our diet pop up in so many things I’ve been reading and just had to share because I read it from you first. Not that I doubted you, just that you were the first person I had heard it from. And now I can’t get away from it! Thank goodness you also introduced me to the book “First Bite”, because I can’t stand fermented foods, so I’m gonna have to start implementing “tiny tastes” for myself, haha!

Thanks for all you do. I feel so much more empowered in how to care for myself and my family with the knowledge I’ve gleaned from you.

– Christina Lee

Before working with Lily, I was dealing with daily heartburn and stomach discomfort/bloating, random cramps and pains in my gut. It consumed my thoughts and made meal time stressful. I spent large chunks of time googling heartburn remedies, and different foods or supplements that could help. I was stressed daily and just generally felt lousy.

Once I uncovered my hidden food sensitivities and got through Phase 1 of the diet, I noticed that most of my symptoms diminished. Aside from better digestion, my energy is up, I am sleeping much better, and overall I feel like my stress has gone down. I also lost 8-10 pounds.

When I was originally researching nutritionists, I said I’d only work with someone I can work with in person. Your blog, your philosophy, and your experience working with people with GI problems swayed me in the other direction. I also had fun showing people my MRT food sensitivity graph and their immediate reaction was always “I want to see what mine looks like.”

I was raised in a world of easy fixes (a pill for every problem) and your approach has helped me in other aspects of my life. You may have saved my stomach. You always had an answer or solution to all of my questions and problems. I just wish I was taught some of this stuff in school!

– Arthur Hoernel, TV Writer, Los Angeles

marina-garciaMy experience with Lily has been transformational. My main health issue was persistent cystic acne. Despite my own dietary adjustments, I was unable to maintain clear skin for any length of time. I was frustrated that I was eating such a limited diet without any real results. It took me a long time to finally ask for help, but I am so happy that I did.

Since I began working with Lily and uncovered my hidden food sensitivities, I have noticed many changes in my body. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. Within the first week, my breakouts started clearing up and my symptoms went down by 50%. As of today, I am 100% free of cystic acne. I have lost about 10 pounds and the overall shape of my body has changed. Even though I haven’t taken my measurements, based on the way that my clothes fit and comments that I have received from those around me, I believe that my body fat percentage has changed quite a bit. I can fall asleep very quickly now. I used to take melatonin almost every night. Now I sometimes fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. My scalp is no longer dry and flaky. I have less sugar cravings. I experience less cramping, if any, during my period. My mind feels more clear and I definitely have more energy.

As a result of our work together, I have reestablished my relationship and fascination with nutrition. This has not only given me a new sense of purpose and drive, it has also given me a new sense of confidence and strength in all areas: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I would certainly recommend Lily and her services to anyone who is willing to do the work. The rewards are endless. There are rewards that you don’t even know you’re looking for.

 – Marina Garcia, Administrative Coordinator and Website Moderator, Berkeley, CA

I originally sought Lily’s help to help figure out what was causing my hives/rashes. I was constantly itchy, which led to trouble sleeping. I felt tired all the time and couldn’t concentrate. Even after multiple visits with allergists and a slew of tests (including tests for food allergies), no one could figure out the cause. My doctor shrugged, threw up his hands, and said it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I suspected food as a possible culprit, but I wasn’t sure changing my diet would make a difference. I was already avoiding gluten and soy, cooking my food from scratch, and avoiding restaurants, but I was having so many problems I felt it was worth a try.

After getting my test results and eliminating reactive foods, my itching is almost all gone! Overall, my symptoms are down 68% since I started. It’s a big relief, and now I can sleep better and have more energy. My digestion has improved – no more belly cramping or pains – and my sinuses are clear. I also lost about 15 pounds, but this was incidental–a nice bonus but not the original purpose.

I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

If you suspect food is causing your unexplained health problems, I don’t hesitate in recommending Lily. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging and gets results!

– Dr. Heather Robertson, Retired Professor, Glendale, CA

Irene BargI originally reached out to Lily because I had developed a ring of stomach fat that I never had before even though my diet had not changed. I felt bloated every morning, and my weight went from 112 to 120 lbs in around 8-10 months.

Since working with Lily, my bloating has disappeared, I feel more satisfied after my meals, I have so much energy, and I’ve dropped down to my goal weight.

At first I wasn’t sure if I needed a dietitian/nutritionist and was hesitant about the cost, but I can’t believe how much I accomplished and learned in just 3 sessions. Everything I thought I needed to do to lose weight, I don’t and almost everything I thought was healthy is not. I now know I don’t have to go without or go hungry to lose weight.

The process of keeping a daily food diary was eye opening and Lily’s knowledge about how certain foods break down in the body, how to decipher food labels, and listen to my body was very helpful. In each session, I really felt that she was listening to me and that her responses were tailored toward my specific issues. No boiler plate stuff. 🙂

– Irene Barg, Retired Astronomy Archive Operations Manager, Tucson, AZ

It has been a life-long struggle to figure out why I always feel sick. I’ve had constant stomach aches, (waves of nausea through out the day, every day), digestion issues and stomach cramping, a lingering headache that would come and go, and horrendous migraines that would send me to the doctor/Urgent Care.

I had tried multiple medications, saw neurologists, doctors, acupuncturists, spiritual healers, you name it. Nothing worked.

If I complained to my husband that I had a stomach ache or headache, he would lovingly joke, “so you feel normal today?”. Everything I tried in the past didn’t give me the results I was hoping for.

So I was worried that the Heal Your Unhappy Tummy program would be just another financial investment, and I would come out feeling the same. (Especially when I got my MRT results, and saw only some moderately reactive foods. It was very hard not to be discouraged and disappointed that I didn’t see my red-flag answer).

However, it has been an awesome experience working with Lily. I’m noticing less stomach aches, less cramping, and fewer and less severe headaches. For the first time, I can actually say “I’ve had a pretty good week”. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I know I will continue to feel better, and that’s encouraging.

I’m also at the point in my life where I would like to start a family soon and I knew I wanted to get healthy before I did. Having Lily’s endless knowledge of prenatal care was an added benefit. I was able to pick her brain and get a lot of useful tips I would not know otherwise (or get from my general doctor).

What a breath of fresh air!!! I’ve learned more about my health, diet and treating my issues than I ever have with any doctor, and I really appreciated her determination to find answers and relief to my symptoms even when I had bumps in the road. She’s put me on the right path to a healthier and pain-free life. I would absolutely recommend Lily to anyone who has an open mind, and the drive to do everything it takes to feel better with real food. I am so thankful that I found her.

– Marisa Cooper, Graphic Designer, Long Beach, CA

Tina-GonzalezIn the first month working with Lily on food sensitivities, my fatigue and headaches diminished immensely with at least 75% reduction in symptoms; it truly is like night and day. I would typically have a headache set in between 11:30am-1pm (usually after waking up between 5-6am), and heavy fatigue would set in around 5pm. I also struggled with acne and was looking for a natural solution.

My mood has significantly stabilized. I feel like I have much more control over my emotions, whereas previously I felt a quick suddenly a spiral down emotionally. My skin has improved so much. My acne has decreased significantly and is almost clear.

Getting food sensitivity testing through LEAP/MRT has been life changing. I would have never have imagined that my diet would have such a great impact on my well-being. I had hesitations about the accuracy of testing and also food planning, like how to prepare foods differently. The beginning of the program can be a challenge because you’re eating from a limited list of foods, but Lily is very supportive during that stage of the program. Plus, I already felt better after the first 4 days. Lily was very specific, helpful and accessible. She always offered great suggestions and I would recommend her to friends who may express symptoms that may be influenced by diet.

– Tina Gonzalez, Counselor, Los Angeles, CA

When I first began working with Lily, I wasn’t sure if the distance would present a problem. All it took was our first call – I realized the distance was going to be a non-issue. Our time together smoothed out any hesitations I may have had.

I had a variety of health issues that I had been struggling with, including fatigue, stomach distress and dark circles. For the past 3 years, I had already made major dietary changes (including eliminating gluten, dairy, and soy), but I suspected I had some food sensitivities that were keeping me from feeling my absolute best.

With the MRT test and Lily’s help planning a custom elimination diet, I noticed a great deal of improvement in all areas of my health. Even I was surprised when I was filled out the final symptom survey at how much my symptoms had dropped in less than 2 months. My energy levels and digestion are better and my dark circles have lessened considerably.

Lily did a great job in “meeting me where I am”, without any judgment, and did not display an over-attachment to one particular way of doing things. I also found having her as a “partner in crime” kept me accountable and helped me maintain my own levels of commitment to wellness.

I would recommend Lily, her expertise and her services any day – and have already begun to do so! I’ve referred Lily to my physician simply so he can refer his other patients who are also looking for the kind of care I received, and to anyone who’s come to realize the connection between nutrition and their health. Working with Lily allowed me to find a partner who was committed to my well-being as much as I am. Plus, she provided me with a wealth of knowledge and encouragement along the way.

– Maura Parda, Consultant, McLean, VA

DeirdreI’ve had some bad experiences with nutritionists and I’m so relieved to have found Lily. I always felt like they [the nutritionists] couldn’t explain why I should make certain changes. Their explanations were either bland (we all know how to google things, Lady) or waaay over my head. I would also feel cornered into following some restrictive meal plan, which worked for about 3 days and then I’d binge on ice cream.

With Lily, I don’t feel I need to impress her and I also don’t have to eat tofu. THANK GOD for that! She has a way of communicating that is just crystal clear. I’m finally losing the weight I’ve tried to lose for the last 5 ½ years while eating food I actually like. If you told me this was possible just 2 months ago, I would have laughed in your face and driven straight to the donut shop.

– Deirdre N., Financial Advisor

brandi-griffith-photoWorking with Lily has allowed me to recognize what food can do for me, my body, and my mood. When I first reached out, I was struggling with bloating, fatigue, and consistent low back pain. Since implementing the dietary changes based on my food sensitivity test, my digestion has improved and I now have consistent energy throughout the day, no longer the highs or lows I was used to. I can also anticipate which foods flare up my lower back pain.

Overall, it’s been really good to realize how my body interacts with certain things. I have already spoken to many people about my experience and have recommended Lily to friends who struggle with stomach issues, chronic inflammation, and their weight.

It was great that Lily has done the MRT test herself, because she can relate to the challenges of eating and cooking real food. To anyone considering the program, I’d say it’s challenging in a good way.

– Brandi Griffith, Production Executive, Los Angeles, CA


In the past, I’d wake up every day feeling nauseous with a mild headache and feeling exhausted by mid-morning. I also struggled with feeling “foggy” all the time and not being able to retain some information. My concentration was lacking and my focus was almost non-existent. Several times a week, I would experience intense heartburn and couldn’t really figure out why. Overall, I just felt like I had flu-like symptoms and never seemed to get better despite modifying my diet, sleep, etc. I was functional, but I wasn’t really enjoying or making the most of my life.

After six weeks of working with Lily, the fog has lifted!! My energy is way more stable now. Before, it was a struggle to maintain energy, concentration, and focus throughout the day, but now I have consistent energy and I no longer feel like a wet sponge. Also, my sweet cravings are almost non-existent! It truly feels like I am no longer operating in a cloud. I also have lost 12 pounds as a result of the journey with Lily.

My overall quality of life has improved. It’s amazing just how much better I feel and I love that I now have the tools to decide what to put into my body and how it affects me. I was a little nervous about the results of MRT test. I was afraid I’d have to cut out things I really loved and have no alternatives, but that wasn’t the case. The fact that I lost weight was a bonus, but my initial goal was to feel better and that’s exactly the results I achieved. I am truly appreciative of the entire process.

I would absolutely recommend Lily and her services. I appreciate having the knowledge of my food sensitivities, but I really loved learning about the chemical breakdown in foods and how they affected me. It’s truly amazing how food and chemicals affect us. I would recommend Lily to anyone who feels less than 100% and wants to improve their overall health, but you have to be committed to the program. The Heal Your Unhappy Tummy program is not for anyone who is “on the fence” or feels that they do not need to adjust their diet. It’s a commitment, but a truly rewarding one if you see it through.

I really felt everything about the process was perfect. From the initial consultation, to the scheduled phone calls, to the amount of information given to me, it was all an efficient and pleasant experience. I especially loved learning about chemical aspect of food. Breaking down certain things to a chemical level really made sense to me. I was amazed and thankful for the wealth of knowledge Lily brought to our sessions and it was that knowledge that has helped me greatly improve my overall quality of life.

– Amy Barbour, Television Editor, Los Angeles, CA

When I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I found it challenging to get the right information and support, even from my medical team. The diabetes educator I was sent to seemed more interested in protocol and following the “standard” gestational diabetes diet rather than listening to me. When I was told that I had gestational diabetes but had to eat at 175 grams of carbohydrates a day, I was confused and upset. It just didn’t make sense to me to eat that way.

When I heard about Lily’s work, I full-heartedly agreed with a real food diet and decided I wanted to work one-on-one with her. I was a little hesitant because my insurance didn’t necessarily cover her services, but I decided it wasn’t as important as getting the support I needed and ensuring my baby’s health.

I’m so glad I made that decision. Thanks to a real food diet and exercise, I didn’t gain much weight during my pregnancy and, in fact, managed to gain only 14 pounds (which is healthy for my pre-pregnancy weight). I’m happy to report that at ten weeks postpartum, I am 5 pounds less than my pregnancy weight! I was also really happy to stay off medication and control my blood sugar naturally. And my baby was born at a perfectly healthy weight, too!

I loved working with Lily — it definitely made having gestational diabetes easier (and, as you know, I really needed help with easier!). I have recommended her to any woman I’ve met online and off who has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

– Kathleen K., Marketing, Maple Valley, WA


When you’re talking about intimate things in your health and life, it’s very important to feel you can trust your health care provider. Lily is just a very calm and rational person so I felt ‘safe’ with her. That is her strength. Doctors and chiros and dentists could take a page out of her playbook. She’s calm, understanding, and really, the perfect therapist of the dietary kind!

In working with Lily on the MRT/LEAP program and omitting foods that I tested sensitive to, I noticed obvious results within 72 hours. It was definitely a ‘dramatic’ difference. I was very pleased. If you’re thinking about working with Lily, know that she is a professional, honest, and sincere nutrition guidance provider. You will feel safe and you can trust Lily.

– Kathy McCurdy, Location Scout, Los Angeles, CA


I love Lily’s honesty and great sense of humor during her workshops. She keeps it simple, breaking down very complicated functions of the body in a way that I can understand and remember. I knew that I needed to make a change to my morning routine, and Lily explained it so clearly that I will never forget! It’s now automatic. I would recommend Lily to any of my clients looking to clear up all the confusion and misinformation about nutrition.

She patiently answered questions and never pushed a product on us. Expect it to be fun and informative. You will walk away ready to start!

Also, I had been struggling with bloating, and it is now gone after I switched to the bread recommendation she made. I can’t believe it was that simple!

– Jane Guerra, Pilates Instructor, Co-owner at HALE Pilates Method, Redondo Beach, CA


Lily was a terrific speaker and I would have her back again in a heartbeat! It was easily the BEST presentation on prenatal nutrition we’ve hosted thus far. She really knows her stuff and it shows. Lily has a great speaking style, very low key and clear and very comfortable on stage. I’d recommend her to anyone needing education around prenatal nutrition and/or pregnancy and diabetes.

– Miriam Erdosi, MSW, Associate Director Program Services, March of Dimes, California Chapter


Candyce-OI used to be so confused and stressed out by all the advice about what to eat (and avoid) while pregnant. My friends and family just got me more unsure of myself. That’s when I decided I needed guidance. I’m so glad I followed through and met with Lily. It all seems so easy now! I had no idea I could still enjoy much of the same foods with no risk to my baby. I also had a major epiphany during our meeting as well. A habit that I always thought was healthy was actually preventing me from getting key nutrients for my baby’s brain development. I’ll be meeting with Lily a few more times during my pregnancy to make sure I’m on track. I can’t wait to see the smiling face of my healthy baby.

– Candyce O., Mother


Lily’s ability to share pertinent information that can be easily implemented was wonderful to experience. She was amazingly able to answer some complicated questions and offer great options and suggestions as well. I would recommend anyone who is fascinated by how the body works get to one of Lily’s workshops to find out more about food and digestion in general. You will find it a safe place to share your body’s challenges and get an educated view of what might be going on and options to improve your situation and ultimately achieve better digestive health.

– Sally Kraus, Professional Coach, Los Angeles, CA


Marie-RenosoLily is very educated in the field of nutrition. She makes nutrition easy to understand, and learning FUN! She’s a believer in EATING, not starving yourself. Also, she is not a vegan, or vegetarian, so you don’t have to worry about her convincing you to not eat meat. In case you don’t know I have lost 7 lbs by applying what I have learned from Lily, and I have changed my eating habits drastically.

– Marie Reynoso, Pilates Instructor and Studio Owner, Los Angeles, CA


Lily has spoken for our group numerous times on topics related to prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes. She is professional, sincere, passionate and engaging. She always follows through and gives more than is required. Feedback from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. We will certainly invite her to speak at future conferences.

– Joann Henry, RN, MSHS, CEO of SSEP (Sweet Success Extension Program)


Dana-NicholsIt’s great knowing a nutritionist who’s on my side. Lily combines her super-smarts with real-world living, and it’s a breath of fresh air. The price of the workshop will pay for itself over and over again, since I learned things I can use for the rest of my life. Lily addressed more than I would ever think to ask. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about the digestive system. I also loved that she brought in examples of real food to buy and make at home, so I know exactly what to look for in the grocery store.

– Dana Nichols, Writer, Los Angeles, CA


I attended several of the talks that Lily gave at the Diabetes and Pregnancy National Research Conference last month in Anaheim. I wanted to say thank you! I thought that the information that you provided on Vitamin D and pregnancy and lactation was really interesting and very applicable to the population that I work with on a daily basis. Thank you again for all the great information.

– Allison Tallyn, RD


KristinMcLaughlinI’ve spent a lot of money on juice cleanses, trainers, gym/pilates memberships, and other health related items. I always end up where I started, but with less dough in my bank account. Finally I made an investment in my health that paid off.

Working with Lily was enlightening and liberating; I’m learning to listen to my body and I feel empowered moving forward with my body as an ally rather than something I felt anger, frustration and shame about. After just a month working together, my skin looks better, my weight went down, and I have more energy in the morning.

There is a lot of stress associated with my career, which is mostly out of my control, but you gave me skills moving forward to manage my stress and better react to it.

Kristin McLaughlin, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA


Coming from being a division I athlete, I thought I knew a lot about how to stay healthy after college. This Nutrition Workshop busted a ton of myths that I had regarding healthy living. Lily turned the complication of nutrition into simple steps and now I find myself walking into a grocery store with more confidence than I’ve ever had!

– Kirra Kylander, Graduate Student


Andrea-MonrealLily is the best. She makes you feel comfortable sharing what’s bugging you and has helpful suggestions. I felt nauseous all through my first and second trimester and without Lily, I probably would have lived on ice cream and popsicles. She helped me keep my nutrition up even when I could barely eat.

At one point, my doctor wanted to put me on anti-nausea medication, but using her tips, I was able keep food down and gain weight normally so I never needed them. Happy to say my daughter is perfectly healthy and hasn’t been sick once!

– Amanda Monreal, Los Angeles, CA


Before seeing Lily, I felt like I had to count every calorie, weigh and measure all of my food intake to maintain my weight. Lily helped me gain freedom in my eating habits by listening and trusting the cues my body gives me. She showed me how to use food to sustain my energy levels throughout my intense workouts, replacing my body with what it needs. You can read all the books you want, but all that knowledge doesn’t make a difference if you don’t know how to apply it. I’m so grateful to Lily for her guidance and wisdom.

– C. S., Pilates Instructor


Juli LindseyI took a workshop with Lily a month ago and it has radically changed my understanding of food and how to intelligently fuel my body. I find myself referring back to her teachings on a daily basis. I highly recommend her workshops.

– Juli Lindsey, Professional Photographer


Vanessa Karubian SaxeI recently invited Lily to speak to my group, BabyTalkLA. Having never met Lily before, I did not know what her presentation style would be. She was very easy to follow, addressed attendee questions, and seemed to make all the mothers to be in the room feel comfortable. I would absolutely recommend Lily as a speaker. She is great as a session leader and I know she would be fantastic one-on-one. She does a great job of figuring out what each individual is interested in and addresses those needs. When you work with Lily, you know you are getting someone who is an expert in this very specific field—exercise and nutrition, prenatal and postpartum.

– Vanessa Karubian Saxe, Founder of BabyTalkLA, Los Angeles, CA


Cynthia-AslamI just delivered my third child and I so wish I had met Lily when I was pregnant with my first! This was the second time I had gestational diabetes and it was such a disappointment to get the diagnosis again. I thought it was gonna be just as bad as last time and my blood sugar was higher this pregnancy, but with Lily’s help, I was able to tweak my recipes to be healthier and bring my blood sugar down. She knows about Indian cooking, so I didn’t have to explain my usual foods. She already knew. I also had an easier time with weight gain. With my last pregnancy even though I saw a nutritionist the whole time, I gained 55 pounds and had high blood pressure and was on insulin. With this pregnancy, I gained 26 pounds, had normal blood pressure and didn’t need insulin. I didn’t think that was possible and neither did my doc.

– Cynthia Aslam, Santa Monica, CA


I had been doing Pilates for years prior with couple other instructors in Beverly Hills. Lily enjoys what she does and it shows. The focus on form has left a very positive impression on me. When you take Pilates lessons from Lily, be prepared to work; If you want a friend, join a social club. One hour of Pilates is worth about 3 hours at the gym. I feel great after my sessions and usually notice it the next day. I have much better posture and core strength, especially in my obliques. Based on my results, I have recommend Lily to almost everybody I know.

– Michael Felber, Engineer, Santa Monica

Jessica-MooreWhen I got pregnant with my second daughter, I knew I’d have to deal with gestational diabetes again. In my first pregnancy, I saw a nutritionist and was handed a one page meal plan, so I pretty much ate the same 5 meals over and over again. It was horrible. I never knew why my blood sugar would come out high, so I just stuck with the meal plan. I was rushed in my appointment and felt like a failure from day 1. I dreaded following that monotonous diet again, but when I found Lily I saw there was another way. Lily helped me understand how food changes my blood sugar and how I could eat all sorts of tasty meals (that I thought were off-limits) without spiking my blood sugar. Of course, I couldn’t eat a bunch of sugar, but I was allowed to eat all sorts of other foods. My doctor was shocked when he saw my numbers and at my last ultrasound he said my baby is perfectly healthy! I wish I knew it was this easy last time around.

– Jessica Moore, Tacoma, WA


When Lily first told me to stop counting calories, I resisted. Hard. I thought I was gonna gain even more weight, but using the tips and tricks she taught me I ended up losing 10 pounds in our first month working together. I feel like food doesn’t control my life anymore, I don’t get the mid-morning sugar cravings or the 2pm crash. My productivity at work is better and I don’t feel like a slave to the gym. I actually want to work out, but I don’t push myself too hard. I thought I had to starve on that 1200 calorie diet forever and I’m so happy to say I was dead wrong.

– Christy Nathan, Interior Designer, Illinois


Teresa-OEveryday I look at my healthy baby boy, I say a silent thanks to Lily. Lucas was born at normal weight without any of the complications that the doctors had expected and I know a big part of that was working with Lily to figure out how to manage my blood sugar. After the diagnosis, I went from being in shock and helpless to being proactive about my health and nutrition.

Even my husband has changed his eating habits significantly, lost over 10# and his cholesterol dropped 30 points. It has been a wake up call for the whole family. Our whole lifestyle has changed for the better and I’m excited to raise my son in a healthy home.

– Teresa O., San Francisco, CA


I started working with Lily when I was 28 weeks pregnant, already on insulin. My blood sugar was unpredictable. I was a mess. When Lily took a look at my diet, she knew exactly what was leading to my crazy blood sugar. With a few changes, my blood sugar was normal and I didn’t had to increase my dose of insulin. I wanted to work with a nutritionist that understood insulin and pregnancy and after contacting 3 other nutritionists who couldn’t help me, I found Lily. I felt so much safer knowing I had her support and guidance.

– Noreen Slater, Palos Verdes, CA


Sandra-CombsWhen you’re pregnant, the last thing you need is more advice. Everyone has an opinion. But Lily has a calm way of approaching food. She made me want to eat healthier and helped me find the ways to do it. I’m a busy working mom, so I can’t always cook from scratch, so she helped me plan out quick, nutritious meals that don’t take hours in the kitchen.

With her long-term support, I stayed on track, had no complications, and gained a healthy 28 pounds. Without her, I probably would have gained 50+ and had gestational diabetes, like my sister and mom.

– Sandra Combs, Business Consultant


I was so scared when I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. When my doctor referred me to Lily, I almost didn’t follow through with contacting her (ignorance is bliss right?). But I knew the risks were real if I didn’t. I was afraid she’d be super strict, but I was really surprised by how friendly and unintimidating she is. Lily helped me plan out meals and snacks that kept my blood sugar normal and helped me figure out a safe exercise routine, so thankfully I never needed insulin. My baby was born without any hypoglycemia and at a healthy 7lb 4oz. Following her guidance, I lost all the baby weight within 2 months of delivery and my postpartum diabetes screening came back normal! She also helped me with postpartum nutrition, so I know how to keep from developing diabetes in the future.

– Sophie Almosa, Torrance, CA


Mary RWith my first pregnancy I had no energy, but this time everything is different. I know each pregnancy has its own personality, but I feel a big part of me feeling so good is that I’m eating good food and exercising. Lily explains everything really well and you can tell she really cares about your health. She goes above and beyond the typical nutritionist in my opinion (at least compared to the nutritionist in my doctor’s office). Thanks to Lily, I’ve not only made lifestyle changes, but I’ve had the support to keep it up and I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that on my own.

– Mary Ramones, Colorado