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Stop Waiting to Figure Out Your Food Sensitivities

I couldn’t put up with bloating and acne any longer.

Three years ago, I finally took the plunge and found out my food sensitivities.

It’s always something I had been curious about, but I had been putting it off and putting it off, thinking that only people with major digestive issues (like most of my clients at the time) needed extensive lab testing and the customized elimination diet that follows.

But I was also annoyed at being bloated without warning, having acne breakouts, and not being able to pinpoint the culprits after eliminating foods here and there.

I knew my clients usually saw a big drop in symptoms in the first 2 weeks together. And they continued to see massive improvements (average improvement of 70% by the end of the first month) as I guided them through an elimination diet.

Again, I kept making excuses:

  • Elimination diets are hard.
  • I’ve already tried cutting out gluten and dairy. That helped a little, but not as much as I had hoped. Then again, without knowing (for sure) that those were problem foods, I hadn’t been 100% strict, to be honest.
  • I couldn’t justify spending money on a lab test because I rationalized that my stomach wasn’t that bad. And my skin wasn’t that bad.

…But every flare up left me wondering what I was missing.

Ultimately, professional curiosity is what motivated me to do it.

I wanted to understand what it was like to go through my own program and put myself in my clients’ shoes.

And boy, was it humbling to do it.

My results were not what I was expecting at all.

Lots of chemicals.

And what’s worse?
I didn’t feel better in my first week. (!!!)

I felt worse.

That’s when I realized, I could do better.

I revamped my program. Upped the level of support. Started thinking outside the box of the food sensitivity test results and shifted my focus to additional nutritional support to help people through this period of transition (‘cause elimination diets are meant to be a temporary thing!).

These tweaks paid off big time.

My clients results improved so much so that I’ve consistently had a waiting list for my food sensitivity program for the past 2 years.

The one thing that’s been missing is a team of support; having a friend to go through the program with you. To share in the ups and downs. To share in the challenge of cooking all your own food, scrutinizing labels, and skipping out (at least temporarily) on happy hour out with friends.

That’s why I’m thrilled for what’s ahead.

To honor my 3 year food sensitivity anniversary, I’m putting together the program I’ve always wanted to run but have put off thinking it was never the right time.

After becoming a mom this year and having less and less time for one-on-one work and an ever growing waiting list (nearing 100 people!), NOW is the only time I have to get this done.

I can’t make you wait several months or longer when you’ve already been living with feeling bloated after every meal for years, or have to plan your errands around the nearest bathrooms, or have suffered on a miserable, restrictive diet without improvement.

If you’re interested in learning more about my 6-week group food sensitivity program, check out all the details and apply to join us here.

And, yes, you read that right. It’s by application only. Only those who are 100% committed to put in the effort will be accepted. If you’re gonna show up 100%, you deserve to have a group with others who will be right there with you, every step of the way.

I’m choosing the lucky 4 participants in the first week or two of December, but we’re not starting the elimination diet part until January (‘cause the holidays are – for obvious reasons – a horrible time to do that!).

Until next week,

PS – The scoop in fewer words: If your tummy is unhappy and you’ve tried eliminating the usual culprits from your diet (without relief), my small group food sensitivity program might be perfect for you.

It starts in January, but I’m choosing the lucky 4 participants within the next week. If you want to be a part of it (and start 2017 with a clear path to a happy tummy), I invite you to check it out and apply.

PPS – I’ll be available via phone to chat about the details with potential applicants this week, so you’ll know for sure this is right for you before you sign up. Last time I opened up my calendar to new clients, I booked up all available spots that same day. So act quick if you’re eager to fix your digestion!

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