You want to do the best for your baby.

You know that nutrition during pregnancy is important and that what you eat can affect the development of your baby. But, there’s so much conflicting advice. That’s why I’m here.

Hi, I’m Lily

I’m a real food registered dietitian specializing in prenatal nutrition and gestational diabetes. I’ve devoted my career – and two books – to revolutionizing the way we approach prenatal nutrition.


Most prenatal nutrition
advice is outdated.

Key nutrients for your baby’s development are found in the very foods you’re told to limit by conventional prenatal nutrition guidelines.

In other words, if you follow conventional prenatal nutrition advice, you’re almost guaranteed to be eating a nutrient-deficient diet, not a nutrient-dense one.

We can do better.

My goal is to take prenatal nutrition advice out of the dark ages and gives you an easy-to-follow guide for making the best food and lifestyle choices during pregnancy.

I questioned the status quo, so you don’t have to question  yourself during pregnancy.


With freebies, of course!

Learn the basics of real food nutrition for pregnancy.
Manage gestational diabetes without fear.



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Read the first chapter for FREE

What Moms Are Saying

Real Food for Pregnancy is the first resource I have found which dispels all of the myths surrounding prenatal diets and offers sound evidence-based recommendations for a better approach—all in one place.

Catherine Mulrine
Chief of Staff (and hopefully soon-to-be mother), London, UK
Honestly, Real Food for Pregnancy may override What to Expect when it comes to keeping nutritionally healthy before, during, and after pregnancy.
Jill Tamminen

Educator-MAT, Florida

 attended several of the talks that Lily gave at the Diabetes and Pregnancy National Research Conference last month in Anaheim. I wanted to say thank you! I thought that the information that you provided on Vitamin D and pregnancy and lactation was really interesting and very applicable to the population that I work with on a daily basis. Thank you again for all the great information.

Emily Hay
Mother, Gainesville, FL
I went through three GD pregnancies fighting with numbers and taking meds to control my glucose. I ended up with three inductions, LARGE babies, a NICU stay, and birth injuries all while following conventional diabetes ‘nutrition’ guidelines. With my fourth, I used Real Food for Gestational Diabetes as a resource and was able to avoid medications and birth complications this time around. I am SO very thankful for this book. Nutrition plays such a huge role and I am just so thankful for all the work Lily Nichols has done to advance this field and back her recommendations with studies. It gave me confidence that I was making the right choice 100%.
Olivia Begg

Mother of 4

Learn why real food should become the standard of care

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