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Looking for an articulate, well-researched speaker on prenatal nutrition or gestational diabetes?

Advance your practice with cutting edge continuing education on women’s health. Our courses provide continuing education credits for registered dietitians.

If you’re an expecting mama with GD, the Real Food for Gestational Diabetes Online Course is for you. It explores the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes you can make to manage your gestational diabetes, naturally. This 100% virtual course provides up-to-date information that’s commonly left out of conventional gestational diabetes care, including: which real foods to emphasize for a healthy baby, the risks/benefits of blood sugar-lowering medications (and strategies to minimize your need for medications), and research into low-carbohydrate diets & controversies surrounding ketosis during pregnancy.

It gives you the tools and accountability to be proactive about your health, including a supportive private Facebook community of other mamas in your shoes. You can also get your questions answered by Lily directly during weekly office hours in the group.

Lily’s one-to-one nutrition practice is currently closed, however she offers a limited number of mentoring/coaching calls as her schedule permits.