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This now classic interview from Robb Wolf’s podcast covers controversies surrounding gestational diabetes, including whether it’s a made-up diagnosis, if a low-carb diet is safe, and pitfalls of the diagnostic standards. We recorded this in 2015 and, according to Robb, it remains one of the most popular interviews on the Paleo Solution Podcast.

Join Adriana Lozada and I as we talk all things gestational diabetes on the Birthful Podcast. In this interview, we discuss how gestational diabetes is like the “warning light” coming on in your car, different screening methods and their pros/cons (including the jelly bean test), and how not all cases of gestational diabetes are created equal.

Life as a mom is hectic, especially when you’re trying to write a book. In this episode of the Startup Pregnant podcast, hosted by the one-and-only Sarah K. Peck, we delve into my career history, how I wrote my second book (Real Food for Pregnancy) with a baby-turned-toddler taking up most of my attention, and explored my top real food prenatal nutrition tips.

There’s a seemingly endless number of prenatal nutrition myths from salt, carbs, protein, healthy fats, fish, foods to avoid, vegetarian diets, and so much more. I sat down with Laura Bruner of the Modern Mamas Podcast to put these myths to rest. Join us for an in-depth discussion of the benefits of a real food diet during pregnancy.

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