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5 Real Food Tips for Managing Nausea in Pregnancy

5 Real Food Tips for Managing Nausea in Pregnancy

  Nausea during pregnancy, often termed “morning sickness,” is no joke. Some women seem to bypass this queasy phase, while others get hit HARD. Those that avoid it entirely are the exception, however, since researchers report that 70-80% of women will experience nausea at some … continue reading

Clearing Up Nutrition for Pregnancy Myths

Clearing Up Nutrition for Pregnancy Myths

From early on in my career, I’ve always loved being asked questions about nutrition, especially the weird ones. Questions lead to fascinating discussions, which leads to research, which leads to more questions, then more research, which ultimately, maybe, (hopefully), leads to some answers. This is … continue reading

Continuing Education on Real Food Prenatal Nutrition

Real Food Prenatal Nutrition

I recently had the pleasure of teaching a webinar on gestational diabetes for Evidence Based Birth (EBB). If you’re not familiar with this amazing resource, they offer independent evidence-based analyses on birth practices & prenatal healthcare, so mamas and their providers can make informed decisions … continue reading

Postpartum Recovery with Real Food

It’s common knowledge that pregnancy increases your nutrient requirements, but did you know that nutrient needs are actually higher during early postpartum? That’s right. Your body has done the amazing feat of growing a brand new human being and its work is not done yet. … continue reading

Writing a Book as a Busy Mom

Let me be real here: writing a book as a busy mom was not easy. I’ve been getting a ton of questions from people asking how I did it, so I’m taking a break from my typical nutrition-focused posts to share some behind the scenes … continue reading