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Alaska Bound (Part 1)

“There was a naked stranger in my kitchen this morning…”, I overheard a man say as we walked along a busy street.

Yes, we had arrived in San Francisco and our road trip was off to a solid start.

The first 10th of our journey was complete and we had a few days to explore the city and Marin. We’re lucky to have close friends and family conveniently spaced along our route gracious enough to open their home to us for a night or two as we make our way to the unknown.

Below you’ll find some pictures of our adventure thus far.

Once we’re out of the continental US, we’ll break out the camping gear and bear spray.  But for now, life’s pretty easy.

Bring it on, Alaska.

And just in case you need some extra reading material, scroll below the photos for the good stuff.

avila beach
Lunch at Avila Beach
San Francisco
Dolores Park
San Francisco
Twin Peaks on a clear evening.


Where are you going again?
When I’m not driving or staring out the window, I’m working. Oh, and buying flowers to give to my hosts.

For those of you looking for that reading material I promised…

I’ve been blown away by how many people struggle silently with undiagnosed food sensitivities, so if you’ve been suspecting certain foods are making you sick, this article I wrote for a colleague is a great place to start.

It explores 5 things you didn’t know about food sensitivities that are not common knowledge (but should be).

Without the right guidance, the trial and error process of eliminating and then reintroducing foods is complicated and cumbersome.

I know because most of my clients with food sensitivities have already made huge dietary changes without much improvement in their symptoms – things ranging from stomach pain after eating, reflux, bloating, gas, diarrhea, rashes, acne, headaches, and even joint pain.

Once we correctly identify reactive foods and plan a fully customized elimination diet that nourishes and heals the body, these chronic symptoms dissipate quickly, often within a week or two.

So before you even consider getting started down that path, read this.

There are probably a few little tweaks you can make to your diet now that’ll get you feeling better quick.

Until next week (assuming I have access to wifi…),


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