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Real Food for Gestational Diabetes Course

If you’ve ever thrown your hands up in frustration because your diet isn’t working, you’ll want to read this.

Whatever your health goals, restrictive diets often fail.

Yet somehow, despite plenty of evidence supporting this fact, the world of conventional nutrition continues to recommend them.

Count your calories, they say.
Eat less fat.
Don’t have seconds.
Chew sugar-free gum if you’re hungry.
Eat salad without the dressing.
Measure everything (because, clearly, your body is too dumb to choose the right amount).

This misguided approach remains standard of care when it comes to gestational diabetes, even though it fails 40% of women.

And given the crucial importance of a mom’s prenatal diet and blood sugar levels on her developing baby, these statistics are simply unacceptable.

This was one of the primary drivers behind the writing of my book, Real Food for Gestational Diabetes, which I’m humbled to say has become the best-selling gestational diabetes book on the market since its release in 2015.

And that’s with no paid advertising, no team handling social media marketing… nada.

It sells because the advice in my book works.

I receive daily emails, Facebook messages, and tweets from women sharing how a real food approach “Saved me from needing insulin,” “Brought my blood sugar down to normal levels within 2 days,” “Helped me have a 100% natural birth,” and “My baby was born at a normal weight, despite my last 2 babies being born big.”

Like this from Amelia:

As a result of following the advice in this book, I have kept my blood sugar steady and my doctor is happy! Whether you have an official diagnosis of GD or not, following this author’s protocol is perfect for any pregnant woman. We all want to do the best for ourselves and our new little ones. This is a great way to start! Thank you!

Or this one from T. Hill:

This book is fantastic! It simply and clearly breaks down your diagnosis and then tells you what to do to control your blood sugar. The diet is extremely reasonable to follow and does not make you feel deprived.

And from Bethany:

I wish I had owned this book with all 3 of my previous Gestational diabetes pregnancies. There was so much I didn’t know when I was going through my first GD pregnancy (the recommended ADA diet was failing me and making my blood sugar spike higher than before), and I had to do an incredible amount of research to be able to keep my blood sugars down and stay healthy during my pregnancies. I am on my 4th GD pregnancy right now, and Lily’s book is a Godsend, and is full of such helpful information!

It’s time this approach hit the mainstream.

And although I wrote my book to be a stand alone guide to everything related to gestational diabetes, I also hear from women wanting my personal advice on how to customize the diet for their needs. I absolutely love working one-on-one with clients, but I can only help so many people.

That’s why I created the first-ever online course for gestational diabetes.

It’s called (no surprise here) the Real Food for Gestational Diabetes Course.

Since I launched this course in 2015, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting over 150 participants. Most of the course is go-at-your-own-pace, but I also offer a course Facebook group with “office hours” where you can get answers to your questions from me directly.

Outside of one-on-one work, this is the ONLY way to get support directly from me.

Here’s a sneak peek at the “guts” of the course.


I can only hope that someday the Real Food for Gestational Diabetes Course to pave the way for this highly effective approach to go mainstream (and most importantly, change the health of the next generation of kiddos)!!!

It’s already led to the revision of the official dietary guidelines for gestational diabetes in the Czech Republic. Perhaps guidelines in other countries will follow suit. I sure hope so!

Want to learn an effective approach to managing gestational diabetes that doesn’t involve restriction or calorie counting?

You can learn more details about the course +  sign up on this lovely webpage.

Have I piqued your interest?

If you’re not quite sure the course is right for you, remember that I offer a 3-part video series that’s 100% free where I teach the basics.

In the free video series, you’ll learn:

  • The biggest diet (and lifestyle) mistakes I see in practice (and why the conventional gestational diabetes diet fails 40% of women)
  • How to manage your blood sugar without counting calories or using measuring cups
  • And much more!
  • What it means to have gestational diabetes and why managing blood sugar during your pregnancy matters
  • When to test your blood sugar & goal blood sugar numbers during pregnancy
  • Why real food is the ideal gestational diabetes diet
  • And much more!

Click to sign up for the FREE video series.

In the video series, I also be sharing more details about the Real Food for Gestational Diabetes Course, a fully online program that walks you through everything you need to know about managing GD with real food and lifestyle changes.

It’s a step-by-step blueprint that picks up where my book left off, so you can better customize the diet just for you. 🙂

Let’s take the fear and worry out of this diagnosis.

When you know what to do, managing gestational diabetes can be quite simple!

Until next time,


Manage gestational diabetes without fear.

Learn how a real food approach can help in this free video series

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Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition and exercise. Her work is known for being research-focused, thorough, and unapologetically critical of outdated dietary guidelines. She is the author of two bestselling books, Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes.


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  1. Is gestational diabetes specified for only Type I or Type II? Or is it geared towards both?

    • Hi Cassie,
      For the purposes of the course, gestational diabetes refers to diabetes during pregnancy.

      Whether it’s preexisting diabetes (meaning the person had it before pregnancy) or develops during pregnancy, generally the same nutrition, exercise, lifestyle advice and blood sugar goals apply.

  2. Do you have an audiobook for “Real food for gestational diabetes”? I’m currently listening to the “Real food for pregnancy” but as a newly diagnosed GD lady, I’d love to listen to the one for GD. I just can’t find it

    • No, there is no audiobook for Real Food for Gestational Diabetes.

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